I am Jessalyn Wanlim…

Thanks for visiting my site! A little bit about me…I’m Canadian and I don’t watch hockey. But Go Flames Go…that’s all I got. I’m an actor by dayJessalyn_Low-5, but at night, all I dream about is dessert. I tried to take up crochet since it’s sugar-free…worst idea ever.  Skinny ankles freak me out, so if you look down, check yours out…you might need to do some calf raises for those puppies. I love love love peanut butter. It goes especially well with bananas, chocolate or ice cream. I have a dog that looks like a teddy bear. I’m not joking when I say this. Sooooo….welcome to my non-blog website full of non-entertaining facts. About me…Jessalyn Wanlim.

5 thoughts on “I am Jessalyn Wanlim…

  1. are you an indonesian canadian? or malaysian canadian?

  2. Michael on said:

    Have you ever tried Calve peanut butter (it’s Dutch)? Fr#%l addictive… Btw those are entertaining facts! greetings

  3. Richard collins on said:

    After watching you on an episode of the closer and not knowing you really existed i have to say that you’re one of the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen . I thought u did such a great job acting out your part as a high class call girl, you made the part so believable that the question was raised by a friend if u were experienced as a call girl.
    To me that is a compliment to your talent as an actor. Anyway thank u for your time.

  4. I lov ua attitude n ua beauty attracts my visual.big up!am ua fun

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